1. Overview

The C++ SDK introduced in this document is used to record client-side tracking (not server-side), such as integrating into MFC programs to collect user actions on the program interface. For server-side tracking, please use C SDK.

This SDK differs from other SDKs by requiring the explicit call of the Flush() function at the appropriate location in the code:

  • A network connection is needed to send data to the server;
  • Call the function at the appropriate location, such as in a background thread, to avoid blocking the user interface;

When the process exits, if there is unsent data in memory that has not been flushed to the server, the data will be saved to the specified temporary file, which will be loaded and sent together during the next Flush. The maximum number of data records stored in the temporary file can be adjusted with parameters. If the number of unsent data records exceeds this value, the earliest data will be discarded.

No file lock is used for reading and writing the temporary file, so avoid multi-process operations on the same file.

2. Document Directory

Integration Documentation (C++)

Basic API Introduction (C++)

3. SDK Feature List

Debug LogEnable logging for debugging purposes
Identify User
  • Identify user login
  • Set User Properties
Collect tracking data
  • Set Common Properties
  • Collect Activation Events
  • Trigger Custom Tracking
Report Data
  • Report Data
  • Set One-time Reporting Quantity
  • Set Cached Data
  • Set HTTPS, Cookie