Sensors Data official iOS SDK, a lightweight data collection and tracking SDK for iOS. The Sensors Analytics iOS SDK not only supports code tracking, but also implements full tracking (no tracking, no code tracking, no trace tracking, automatic tracking) for iOS through the use of relevant technologies in the Runtime mechanism, click tracking, and visual tracking.

1. Table of Contents


2. SDK Feature List

Primary FeaturesSecondary FeaturesSpecific Features / Descriptions
User IdentificationAutomatic identification of anonymous usersAutomatic use of device ID to identify anonymous users
Support for replacing with custom anonymous ID
Identify logged-in usersIdentify logged-in users using login ID
Set user attributes
Collect DataAutomatically collect device informationAutomatically collect default device information, such as screen width and height, system version number, etc.
Support automatic collection of screen orientation
Support automatic collection of latitude and longitude information
Full in-pointApp start
App exit
App page view
App element click
Common propertiesStatic common properties
Dynamic common properties
Clear common properties
Custom in-pointCollect activation (installation) events
Calculate event duration
Custom code in-point
Store dataSet upper limitSet local cache upper limit value
Delete local cacheDelete all events cached locally
Data reportingAutomatic data reportingThe SDK automatically sends event data under certain conditions
Manual data reportingThe SDK supports manual reporting of event data
Debugging functionDebugging modeEnable / disable debugging mode
Debug logsShow / hide debug logs
Visualization and analysisVisualized full trackingFilter out key events in a visual way for further analysis
App click analysisVisually display user clicks in the app
DeepLinkCreate DeepLink for app promotion
Advanced FeaturesData EncryptionData storage and transmission after data encryption
Integration of App and H5Event data from H5 after integration is stored and transmitted by App SDK
ComplianceSupport compliance requirements
Collect Push Click EventsSDK automatically collects push click events[1]
SDK Collection ControlControl whether the SDK is enabled or disabled

Note[1]: The method for enabling on the iOS platform can refer to the documentation.

3. iOS SDK Third-party Framework Support

Full tracking support for third-party frameworks
Third-party FrameworksApp LaunchApp ExitApp Page ViewApp Element Click
React Native








4. iOS SDK Predefined Events and Properties

Refer to App SDK Predefined Events and Properties Documentation