SensorsAnalyticsSDK supports macOS starting from v3.0.3

1. SDK Function List

Primary FunctionSecondary FunctionSpecific Function / Description
Identify UsersAutomatically identify anonymous usersAutomatically use device ID to identify anonymous users
Support replacing anonymous ID with custom ID
Identify Logged-in UsersIdentify logged-in users using login ID
Set User Properties
Collect DataAutomatically collect device informationAutomatically collect default device information such as screen width and height, system version, etc.
Support automatic collection of screen orientation
Support automatic collection of latitude and longitude information
Public PropertiesStatic Common Properties
Dynamic Common Properties
Clear Common Properties
Custom TrackingCollect Activation (Installation) Events
Calculate Event Duration
Custom Code Tracking
Store DataSet Upper LimitSet Local Cache Upper Limit Value
Delete Local CacheDelete all events cached locally
Report DataAutomatic Data ReportingSDK automatically sends event data under certain conditions
Manual Data ReportingSDK supports manual event data reporting
Debugging FunctionalityDebug ModeEnable / Disable Debug Mode
Debug logsShow / Hide debug logs
Advanced featuresApp and H5 integrationEvent data of H5 after integration is stored and sent by the App SDK
ComplianceSupport compliance requirements

2. Predefined properties in macOS SDK

Field nameTypeDisplay nameDescription
$app_versionStringApp versionVersion of the app
$libStringSDK typeFor example, macOS
$lib_versionStringSDK version
$manufacturerStringDevice ManufacturerFor example, Apple
$modelStringDevice ModelFor example, MacBookPro14,1
$osStringOperating SystemFor example, macOS
$os_versionStringOperating System VersionFor example, 10.15.2
$screen_heightNumericScreen HeightFor example, 1440
$screen_widthNumericScreen WidthFor example, 2560
$wifiBOOLWhether WiFi
$network_typeStringNetwork TypeFor example, WiFi
$is_first_dayBooleanWhether First Day Visit
$device_idstringdevice IDDefault: get serial number, if not available, use UUID
anonymous_idstringanonymous IDDefault: get serial number, if not available, use UUID
login_idstringlogin IDValue passed in the login interface
$app_idstringunique identifier of the applicationIdentifier of the App
$app_namestringapplication nameName of the application
$lib_methodStringEvent Tracking MethodTriggering method for event tracking