Both the detailed "User List" can be viewed from the analysis model based on the "Number of Users" and the user segmentation list page.

A. In the user list, the "User Attributes" displayed as "Encrypted Display" will be displayed in a desensitized manner.

B. "Visible Columns" refers to commonly used user information that can be customized in the user list. The blue box on the left can be subscribed to show user attributes on the user list, and the red box on the right is the selected item. You can hover over a selected item (such as "Enterprise Group") to fix this attribute on the left column of the list. Device ID is fixed as the first column, and users can add two additional attributes according to their needs. The three attributes in the fixed area can be directly dragged and sorted; all selected attributes in the non-fixed area can also be directly dragged and sorted by holding down the corresponding items.

C. "Refresh" can easily load newly imported user information under this query condition.

D. If you click to view the user details from the user count result in the analysis model or view the group users of a certain day in the user group details page and then reach the user list page. Then you can quickly save the current user group as a segment by clicking "Save Group", and then use it directly in the analysis.

E. Clicking "Download" will download the information of this batch of users according to the currently selected user attributes. If the user attributes displayed as "Encrypted Display", the downloaded results will also be encrypted.