From version 1.11 onwards, the search user function is provided, which supports directly searching for users by entering user ID, attribute values, etc., and viewing the list to find specific users more conveniently and view their user behavior sequences.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Enter search: Ctrl (Command ⌘)-K;
  • Exit search: Esc;

1. Introduction to the Search Users Function

Click "Search Users" in the upper right corner of the main interface (or use the keyboard shortcut) to enter the search:

  • Click A to search for users by their attributes, for example, you can search for users by province, enter "河北" (Hebei), and search for users with the "Province" attribute value of "河北省" (Hebei Province), with 20 users displayed by default;
  • Click B to view the user behavior sequence of a specific user (displayed as an anonymous ID);
  • Click C to view all users searched by "河北" (Hebei);

  • Currently, numerical attributes support precise search, while string and array attributes support fuzzy search. Other data types and attributes without data are not supported for searching.
  • For attributes that only support precise search, the input box will prompt "Please enter the complete...";
  • For fuzzy search, you don't need to enter the complete result. As shown in the figure below, when searching for users by "City" and entering "北" (north), the users with the "City" attribute containing the character "北" (north) can be searched.