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Using JDBC for data access

options when using, such as: jdbc:impala://;UseNativeQuery=1 Note: The JDBC URI used for different Driver access varies. Query data Cu

Dataset Data Access

and usage, the first step we need to take is data access. The DataSet module can not only access the query results of existing user behavior analysis models …

Basic data Dashboards

is used for App metrics Abnormal Traffic App abnormal traffic refers to access behavior that closes within 5 seconds of opening Version Data Usage data for eac

Add external data table

. In the "Data Access" module of the Sensors Analytics platform, users can add target data tables for reporting through data table management. Operation Entry …

Subscribe to Kafka real-time data

users to refer to the relevant functions. Sensors Analytics is designed as an open architecture, allowing users to subscribe to real-time data to meet various

Quick Access

Quick Access Guide Welcome to Sensors! This guide aims to help you self-service quick integration. Whether you are a business who needs event tracking … you un

Data Archiving

Data Archiving Data archiving, also known as cold data dumping, refers to the migration and archiving (dumping) of some very old and low-access data … to the m

Adjust Data Integration Instructions

and the original data access function for the first time, you need to complete the following configurations step by step during the docking phase: 1 … Copy th

Data Collection Scheme Design

the corresponding Customer Success or Analyst for access to the template. Ideas behind data collection scheme design The core ideas behind data collection sche

Sensors Data SDK Privacy Statement

to access users' personal data, and do not involve the sharing, transfer or public disclosure of end users' personal information. How do we store personal … a