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Event Analysis

Video Explanation Video introduction to the basic functions of event analysis https://www.sensorsdata.cn/service/onlineguidedetail.html?id=2138&t=sa Video intro

Example of Event Analysis Function Application

. Step 1: Query activity page PV Here, set "event" as "browse related" and the metric as "total count". image2020-12-23_15-2-53.png Step 2: Query activity page

Event Group

functionality. In events analysis, click the switch event entry and you can see the panel for selecting events. In the upper right corner of this panel, click

Metric Analysis

generated by different analysis models simultaneously Metrics created by different analysis models, such as event analysis, session analysis, and retention …

Distribution Analysis

than 200 yuan. Specify a user behavior event, and then select metrics for the event. Distribution analysis can help reveal the following questions: Do users us

User Journey Analysis

analysis event Click the drop-down button to select the event to be analyzed, and click the "add filter or group" on the right to add filter conditions or grou

Interval Analysis

event analysis, funnel analysis and other functions. FAQ Can I use the interval analysis function to analyze the page stay time, and what is the difference …

Session analysis

Video version explanation Session Analysis explanation video https://www.sensorsdata.cn/service/onlineguidedetail.html?id=2149 Session Analysis Overview Session

Funnels Analysis

based on the attribute value of the corresponding actual event of the step. Meaning of grouping Like other analytical functions, Funnels Analysis also provides

Retention Analysis

of lost users in retention analysis is that users are lost only when no subsequent events occur after triggering the initial behavior event (excluding that day