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Example of funnel analysis function

of this funnel can solve the transformation analysis needs of users for the continuous behavior of e-commerce users. 企业微信截图_8a6acdce-50b4-466a-b1a7-3229e9e9679

Funnels Analysis

as a successful conversion. Overview of Funnels Analysis The funnel model is mainly used to analyze the conversion and churn of each step in a multi-step proce

Switch Analysis Subject

. In funnel analysis, a user is used as the analysis subject to determine whether the behaviors linked by this user form a funnel. The small funnels linked … .

Complex Analysis Scenarios

Analysis Method Use event analysis to view the trend of core product sales and identify abnormal dates Use funnel analysis to view key metrics and conversion r

Interval Analysis

the conversion of certain businesses. In addition to the conversion rate using the funnel, measuring the distribution of conversion duration also requires inte

Behavior Analysis Terminology

of a person are all attributes of that person. In the field of website analysis, dimensions are often used to describe and analyze metrics. For example, a sing

Add Analysis Model

Overview Dataset supports saving the results obtained from the analysis model as business models, such as event analysis, funnel analysis, retention analysis

Retention Analysis

restriction is the same as that of the funnel. The specified event meets the filtering of the specified attribute. Meaning of grouping Retention analysis provi

Interval analysis application example

to be identified through event analysis, funnel analysis, and other functions. Here, we use examples of two different industry products to illustrate the use …

Trade Day

meet the actual analysis or operational activity scenario. Function Introduction Currently, the Trade Day feature supports event analysis, funnel analysis … ,