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Quick Access

Quick Access Guide Welcome to Sensors! This guide aims to help you self-service quick integration. Whether you are a business who needs event tracking … encoun

Using JDBC for data access

/rawdata;auth=noSasl", ], "hive_user": "sa_cluster" } Among them, any address in hive_url_list can be used for connection. JDBC link access If using code to acc

Quick App SDK

Analytics SDK Import SDK Get the Quick App SDK source code from GitHub https://github.com/sensorsdata/sa-sdk-quickapp/releases; Put the sensorsdata.min.js file

Dataset Data Access

and usage, the first step we need to take is data access. The DataSet module can not only access the query results of existing user behavior analysis models …

Team Dashboards

the specific "dashboards" or "group" can also perform quick operations such as renaming the dashboards or group. 截屏2023-07-13 下午4.04.47.png Manage Team … memb


Hover over a specific "Dashboards" or "Group" with the mouse to perform quick operations such as renaming the dashboards or group. 截屏2023-07-11 下午5.22.05.png H

Global Filtering Configuration

the query date as "yesterday" will yield: March 29: Query data from March 28 March 30: Still querying data from March 28 2. Used with "Quick Select" Based … o

Metrics Platform

in a timely manner, and take quick action. Sensors Metrics Platform focuses on the construction of metric calibers and data models, providing a one-stop soluti

Metric Analysis

Default Enabled Default Enabled Default Enabled Default Disabled Custom Configuration Dimensions and metrics with "use access" can be analyzed in metric analys

LDAP Login

password system only uses LDAP for verification. Therefore, if the configuration is unsuccessful and quick restoration is needed, just delete the ldap_type …