The following functions are supported in the user table:


Properties are dimensional information that describes the object or event being analyzed. Common attribute is a kind of attribute, which refers to the actual field in the underlying physical table, and the data can be obtained through buried point collection or data mapping.

The user has common attributes: name, id_card_no, gender, birthday, and so on.
Custom Properties

Custom property refers to a new property produced by secondary processing of common attribute or other extended attribute.

Based on the common attribute birthday of the user, the virtual attribute age is created. The calculation logic is as follows:

cast (extract(year FROM now()) -extract(year FROM EPOCH_TO_TIMESTAMP(users.Birthday)) as int)

Lookup Tables

In addition to creating custom properties directly based on properties, you can also create more complex custom properties by establishing dimension association and introducing more properties.

Suppose there is a pay_order meta event in the Sensors analytics, and the event has attributes such as product_id and product_name. Now the user wants to use the product_manufacturer field to perform analysis, but this attribute is not inserted into the system. In this case, you can associate the event table with the product table that has this attribute, and introduce the product_manufacturer field to meet the analysis requirements.
IdentitiesIdentities, also known as ID-Mapping, connects different ids of the same user to map user behavior data so that user behavior can be systematically analyzed. User association can uniquely identify users and improve the accuracy of user behavior analysis.Xiao Wang has many devices: iPhone, laptop, desktop, etc. He also has a lot of accounts: ID number, bank card number, mobile phone number, his own home water and gas account; He also uses many apps, such as wechat, Alipay, Taobao, Jingdong and so on. In these devices, accounts, and apps, there is a serial number to identify them Xiao Wang this man, these serial numbers are called ids or user ids. The mobile phone number is a user ID, the ID number is also a user ID, and the wechat signal is also a user ID. These ids with different life cycles and different precision belong to Xiao Wang. User association is to connect all ids of Xiao Wang and uniquely identify Xiao Wang as a user.